918 - 5 crown fingerprint lock: high-end smart locks trump card products

by:Level      2020-08-01
'China excellent industrial design award', is established with the approval of the central, awards in the field of industrial design. Belong to the group, A subsidiary) '918 - luxury multi-function crown 5 - F 'series of fingerprint lock, by industrial design team with the south Korean international design master's wisdom crystallization, with excellent design concept and advanced technology, won the' China excellent industrial design awards, is the industry has so far been honoured intelligent fingerprint lock. This year, the new crown '- 918 5 - F 'fingerprint lock technology content is higher, the product has a faster autofocus identification speed and stronger suitability of lock body, enhance intelligence and generality of the lock. New dual control system, upgrade the dual-core let open means more follow one's inclinations, more stable automatic fingerprint dust cover flip function, truly allows you to experience extreme intelligent household. 'Professional, strength, reliable', after 22 years of dedicated research and development, the pursuit of quality, let the fingerprint lock has won a number of patents, new crown '- 918 5 - F 'upgrade fingerprint lock function is introduced: a lot of work' dual-core 'South Korea international design master, dual system control technology, advanced man-machine engineering and the crystallization of art and design. It contains 13 patents both at home and abroad, the lock body, suitability is strong, directly replace the existing security locks. Low fingerprints, password, sensing, remote control, mechanical keys multiplay function introduction of South Korea advanced touch screen technology, large OLED display screen menu mode guidance, 12 touch password easy to set up, operation and human voice prompt screen window dust cover low fingerprint induction type automatic switch 'of the world's leading autofocus fingerprint patent technology's fingerprint recognizer using global fingerprint algorithm udpse low high performance and low power consumption embedded DSP processing chip low free exchange put his hand around to open the door direction, convenient installation hidden locks cover, open the alarm function, mechanical locks, atomic level B for security standard 360 degrees of clutch, high-performance motor and gear transmission mechanism for longer life and open smooth feel more lasting power, battery life continuously low PDA (more than three years PDA) Copy number low extensible operating record automatically send alarm signal or other intelligent household
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