1.Hotel and resorts solution

LEVEL hotel and resorts solution always brings peace and comfort for guests, security and efficiency for hotel managers. It consists of Standalone hotel electronic lock and Access control reader for public door and lift, which using RFID card or Mobile phone as its access key, Energy saver switch, Touch panel doorbell and Safe box.


Applying LEVEL hotel and resorts solution, guests may choose to go to reception desk or use a KIOSK machine to check in. If they like, they may choose to use a RFID card or directly use mobile phone for door opening. But not every one can enter into hotel lift freely, only your esteemed guests and staff can use their card or mobile phone to call lift and go to the specified floors according to their room number and rights. Energy saver switch is a necessary device for your hotel, because it can save much power for you. If the card is not the specified one of guest room, sorry, it cannot get power supply. As we know save energy is a long term business for every one in the world. With Touch panel doorbell set, your quiet-relaxing time will not be interrupted, and you may enjoy your swimming time by leaving your belongings into Safe box.

2.Student Accommodation solution

LEVEL Student Accommodation solution aims to provide intelligent and efficient management to education facilities with an economic budget. It consists of Stand alone smart card lock for students dormitory and Online Access control reader for entrance doors, which using RFID card or Mobile phone as its access key. Energy saver switch is also a good device to control the cost.


Applying Student Accommodation solution, you can real-time monitor and remotely open the Online Access control reader, remotely issue card, report lost, and update card access right, thus lost key is no longer a headache for management staff now. The standalone smart card lock use RFID technology, simple, stable, and secure. It is a perfect combination of Online reader and stand alone smart card lock, providing you an economic and efficiency management.  

3.Residence and Apartment solution

LEVEL Residence and Apartment Electronic Lock mainly includes Fingerprint, Password, RFID card, and BLE combination lock, which refers to several opening ways combined in one lock. Users could choose any one that suitable for them to open the lock, fast, convenient and secure.


When walking close to the door, use fingerprint to open the lock is the most convenient and fastest way. Due to the unique feature of fingerprint, it is also considered as one of the safest ways. Plus password, RFID card, and especially BLE technology which enable to remotely open the lock by smart phone for temporary and emergency cases, and with various models designed for wood, metal or Aluminum doors, LEVEL Residence and Apartment solution could meet different needs from your customer.


LEVEL Residence and Apartment Electronic Lock also integrated with certain Intelligent Room Control Systems, thus a complete intelligent control network is configured.




Look into the future, Level Lock will persist on a development strategy of top quality,

excellent service and eminent brand.