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by:Level      2020-07-13
It is reported that a man because of the keys in the home of many years old 30, tied with a rope on the roof from the 3 floor & other; Airborne & throughout; Home, trying to turn a window, didn't think the rope snap, a result, have been a happy family, and this kind of unfortunate happen almost every day. Door lock provides security for people, but when people lost the key to open the door, is brought about by the endless troubles, time consuming money also spoil the broth. Forgot to take my keys or key lost happens every day, and hold fluky psychology choose high over the wall is not a few people turn window to enter room, there will be a carelessly a bit unexpected. In fact, a intelligent fingerprint lock can let his family life and save a lot of trouble. First of all, the fingerprint lock has at least three types of electronic lock, use more convenient, completely avoid the key annoyance. Fingerprint lock, for example, usually with a fingerprint, password and keys of three methods for the lock, the lock mode basically met everyday all the lock. Such as family members may be passed input fingerprint lock; fingerprint lock Relatives and friends visit, suddenly can be told that their door password, etc. Fingerprint lock is electronically unlocked, it will be because of missing key and produce all kinds of tragedy; Even password leaked, master as long as change password in time, can avoid unnecessary loss. Second, the fingerprint lock than the mechanical lock has the better security performance, better able to put an end to happen feats of cases. News often through technology lock chamber about criminals commit crime, because there are a lot of people use a level lock mechanical lock, a slight technical people just three seconds faster can easily spoil the lock. Brand of fingerprint lock is made of super class b lock. Fingerprint lock has a special lock body, make the lock body riot performance, stability and durability to the next level. Fingerprint lock high security performance, not only because of its mechanical structure is good, also because of its more security early warning function. Such as the user to open the door after forget to close the door, the fingerprint lock will alert; Criminals to force the lock, fingerprint lock will be alert and locking system. These safety warning function damage criminals commit crime environment as much as possible, thus for the safety of the family household life add a guarantee. A fingerprint lock in the application of household life, is not only convenient for daily life, more important is to make household more secure, let the family more peace of mind.
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