A cost-effective apartment intelligence _ lock

by:Level      2020-07-13
With the advent of the smart home, intelligent as a facade on the lock has been gradually accepted by people lock, but, in the face of many brands, the appearance of the same, consumers don't know which brand is good. We recommend a new product - below - - - - - - Intelligent lock N3 APP apartment. From the above we can see, the apartment intelligence door lock N3 belongs to the small type, suitable for home, apartments, schools and other places, on the whole is popular now a hold open design, hold the handle can be fingerprint identification at the same time, easy and fluent to open the lock. Let's look at the apartment intelligence lock N3 product features: 1. A hold that is open, fingerprint identification, contact with the handle intelligent breathing light hint, easy to operate, comfortable and smooth. 2. Six open means flexible choice: fingerprint open, password, credit card, mechanical key opened, remote control (open Optional) , mobile phone remote open ( Optional) 。 3. USES is semiconductor technology, effectively prevent false fingerprints, living sensei, fast recognition. Fingerprint storage capacity of 100 pieces. 4. Mobile phone APP unlocked remotely, optional & other; Intelligent life & throughout; Authorized temporary password or APP remote unlock, remote dynamic password to open; Real time control of the door lock can also be information, message to remind, open the door, power monitoring, hijacked alarm, equipment sharing, etc. 5. Remote control (open Optional) On the principle of radio waves, digital scroll code encryption transmission, remote control distance in 15 meters, open more convenient. 6. Zinc alloy panels with stainless steel lock body, high strength riot; Cooperate with grade C lock core, high anti-theft performance of riot. Select apartment smart locks, better life!
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