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by:Level      2020-07-13
Combination lock WeChat fingerprint M5F, zinc alloy material, adopt the way of the more popular a hold open, fingerprint identification, hidden in the handle a grip to open. Beautiful, convenient and quick. Below we see WeChat fingerprint combination lock M5F what function. 1. Using surface light screen. A integrated technology on IML technology, using & other; The lotus effect & throughout; , efficiently prevent fingerprint residue. 2. Supports six unlock way: fingerprints, password, credit card, WeChat small programs, mobile NFC, mechanical keys, etc. 3. Using semiconductor biometric technology, prevent false fingerprints; Living, quickly identify. 4. Support WeChat applet phone remote authorization, can send a temporary password to family and friends. 5. NFC phones to open the door. Brush mobile phone simulation entity door card, can easily open the door. 6. WeChat small program intelligent management, the management menu to WeChat small programs, to manage the lock by mobile phone. 7. A fast lock, cat's eye bh function, and at ease, peace of mind. 8. Refuse to the little black box. Through the national Ministry of Public Security security alarm system products quality supervision, inspection and test center of safety certification testing, refused to the little black box.
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