A tipping point - household intelligent locks will broke out

by:Level      2020-07-25
Intelligence lives in is known as the future family life consumption economy important scene, therefore, apple, samsung, huawei, zte, thunis, haier, Microsoft, lenovo giants at home and abroad are involved, such as the concept of smart home is very hot. However, the concept of smart home is very hot, the product is also very cool, but the consumer is buying it. Why can lead to such awkward situation? Investigate its reason, or because there is no cutting to the user's spot. But are seen as intelligent household intelligent lock is doing the opposite, and by about 40% a year growth in rapid development. Therefore, in the next decade, intelligent lock will become intelligent household market prospects in the field of investment. Nowadays, the intelligent lock industry in our country is still in the market cultivation period, so the future opportunities and challenges. Clean, who also will see the diamond in his hand. To user pain points, convenient for the life, no matter which industry appear intelligent purpose is to bring the convenience for people life. , for instance, the emergence of intelligent manufacturing, to a large extent reduce the labor intensity of the workers; In the era of mechanical lock, many people have lost the key, by security doors shut out; Home or work overtime to find keys in the office and had to turn back office to get the key; Or shopping back, bags back to the door, and went to find the key to open the door, and so on suffering and trouble. And the emergence of intelligent lock is to solve the mechanical lock in use process, because forget to bring my keys or often lost, and many other key pain points and annoyance. Intelligent lock can be realized through the induction card, digital password, fingerprint lock, especially fingerprints as a unique password is widely used in lock, make the door is convenient, in the same way as a fingerprint to open the iPhone screen greatly improve people unlock convenient and quick. Also is very convenient for homeowners, renters moved out, don't have to change the lock core, just put the original tenant fingerprints or certification can be deleted, not only convenient but also save costs. So said, so a can solve users spot intelligent lock, it must be in the next decade investment of market prospect. Household intelligent lock could usher in a new outbreak of the critical point in China, the intelligent lock market still concentrated in the field of hotel and engineering projects. In addition to the hotel and engineering field, the length to rent apartment in recent years has also become smart lock industry a new growth point. According to new data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), at the end of 2016, China's floating population ( Floating population refers to people separation deduct the municipal district population wife households separation of the population) To 2. 4. 5 billion people, of less than 1. 71 million people. Estimated in the future a long period of time, therefore, demand for rental of the floating population, especially the demand is very strong in length to rent the apartment. And intelligent lock just solved the apartment lease in the process of key management and authorization problems and weaknesses, so apartment intelligence lock on the growth rate of 30% in the past two years in the rapid development of the future will also presents the fast growth the tendency. In addition, the domestic retail market has reached the outbreak of the critical point. Particularly as the 80, 90, after the consumer gradually enters marital the palace, and the upgrading of second-hand housing decoration, the demand for intelligent lock will be further expanded. The personage inside course of study is expected in the next decade, therefore, domestic retail market will grow at a rate of at least 20% a year. Rapid growth is the huge market support behind it. About 3 in China. 500 million families, intelligent lock installation quantity per 5% increased, can bring 17. 5 million sales, generating about $14 billion in sales. The huge market potential, intelligent lock will be the next ten years become market prospects of the investment.
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