About hotel guest control system which need special attention Hotel control system

by:Level      2020-08-09

can hotel guest control system refers to the management of hotel guest room lighting system, air conditioning system, curtain and background music system for intelligent management and control, and reflect the overall guest room, guest needs, equipment conditions as well as the service of the hotel service personnel, etc. The good choice of hotel guest control system can help the hotel to the guest room equipment and further internal resources for real-time control of parsing. Below is a detailed introduction about the hotel guest control system need to pay special attention to what?

a convenient, fast network communication

in general, the hotel guest control system chooses international standard TCP/IP protocol, the system host RCU built-in types can be quickly link Ethernet interface, not only the compatibility is strong, fast transfer rate, and is suitable for the hotel guest room number, provide stable and reliable equipment operation, strengthen the feasibility of the later maintenance.

two big, safe and reliable data

in the era of big data, wisdom hotel has firmly grasp the information of the era of big data, function perfect gradually, through the hotel guest control system in the search, finishing of different data sources to create a powerful group of closely related to the hotel data, improve the real time and reliability of hotel management, hotel guest control system for the operation and management of the hotel provide a safe and reliable data space. Three, strong compatibility

energy consumption in hotel rooms are divided into several aspects, one is light, the second is the cooling or heating, three standby power consumption is always ignored. General hotel rooms, lamps and lanterns are running at full capacity, as long as a turn on the light, will be in accordance with the voltage of the power running. The hotel guest control system through the sensor real-time monitoring indoor brightness, can cooperate with natural light and adjusting the power of lamps and lanterns, natural energy saving effect.

all in all, when chooses the hotel guest control system should be compatibility, product stability and performance of the system, the background data analysis ability, the management of the hotel energy consumption in the first place, wisdom can ascend hotel efficiency, strengthen the hotel can handling. Professional services, in contrast, a good hotel guest control system used in a variety of sensors, home appliances, doors and Windows, moisture as a whole, according to beforehand setting, automatic make reasonable arrangement, make a lot more electricity gas water consumption of hotel guest room facilities become efficient time-saving, whether directly or indirectly, can have the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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