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by:Level      2020-07-19
Progress of science and technology, intelligent lock to stir in the security field and gradually accepted by consumers. Many businesses aimed at this piece of blue ocean, with all shapes, all kinds of function of intelligent lock. The situation of good and evil people mixed up let layman the edition. Intelligent lock belongs to the low frequency to buy long-term use products, how to spend their money as the choose and buy, what should a good smart lock. A, look at the appearance of the face of time, the first impression of the basic is the first step in intelligent lock of choose and buy. In order to meet people's aesthetic now, the manufacturer of intelligent locks no less in appearance. Color have red bronze, champagne gold, black), etc. According to the presence of a hand is divided into a hand push-pull type, type and a variety of styles, overwhelmed. For people who do not know, there are a few tips: ( 1) General shape larger smart locks, door choice that appear atmosphere, indoor door is generally choose a little small; ( 2) Outside the door general choice with slide; ( 3) Can choose according to the color of the door locks, black compared commonly joker. Second, see material pledge of smart locks on the material on the market in general can be divided into two categories: stainless steel and alloy. Stainless steel has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, but is not easy to shape, can't make exquisite changed appearance. Alloy of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy, medium weight, colour and lustre is good, not easy corrosion fade. But it is easy to form the electrolysis phenomenon, both metals may create a galvanic cell reaction. Three, watching function as the product update iteration, function more complete. From the point of convenience, increases the new intelligent lock open. (1) the APP smart unlock: through the associated APP, users can access to the lock smart home wireless network, realize real-time monitor the cloud door lock state. Different APP can also support the temporary password, remote authorization, and other functions, convenient for you to the door of the old man or friend first came into the room. (2) the password lock: in order to prevent password peeping, generally intelligent lock password will add virtual password, before and after the correct password to enter a different password can also be normal. It also avoid the embarrassment of the people not to open the door. And password panel generally adopts acrylic panel now has two advantages, 1) No any fingerprint lock; ( 2) Improve the push button intelligent lock for used long password key digital becomes shallow. (3) fingerprint lock, fingerprint is divided into two kinds, one kind is biological semiconductor fingerprint head, can only live fingerprint recognition, fingerprint can't use others copy, high safety, is not affected by fingerprint wet or depth. The second is optical fingerprint head, strong stability, can be used in common environment also can be used in the special environment, such as moist heat and dust but copy fingerprints can be unlocked. (4) IC card lock: some smart can use card to open the lock, lock in fingerprint shallow or wear head cannot be fingerprint recognition, this way of lock was particularly humanization. (5) key to unlock: the key to open the lock is the Ministry of Public Security requirements of a way to unlock, in order for a rainy day. Understand the above three guidelines of choose and buy, do you know how to select intelligent lock?
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