About the intelligent door locks, need to be aware of your daily routine

by:Level      2020-07-27
Many people already use smart door locks, no key, let our life convenient, but some daily habits can affect the service life of intelligent door locks. See below what habits will produce adverse effect, do you have any. 1. If it is a hand of intelligent door locks, handles is not hanging items, even some lighter items, if a habit, will affect the sensitivity of handle. 2. Fingerprint identification, finger pressure can not be too high, at the same time if you have any sweat hand or water damage need to dry in the identification, sweat residue or stain infiltration, influence and damage the fingerprint acquisition sensitivity. 3. Need to use the normal 5 alkaline batteries, and then on a regular basis to check whether there is leakage of battery case, especially in the rainy season. If the battery is low to remind, the need to replace the battery as soon as possible. Pay attention to is one-time change entirely, not the old and new batteries or different brands of batteries used at the same time. 4. Mechanical spare keys need to be put in place such as such as the car, parents' house, outdoor besides fingerprints unlocked at the same time, such as a password to unlock also have to set up, in case of a one thousand doesn't recognize situation, there are other unlock can use.
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