Action to choose domestic or imported brands of fingerprint lock?

by:Level      2020-07-12
Do intelligent fingerprint lock business, in the face of the brand choice confusion, make Chinese people tangled way to choose domestic brands of smart locks or imported brands of smart locks? In China's consumer consciousness, the brand, high quality, high pretend bility; And domestic goods, counterfeit and shoddy, local gas. Yes, most consumers nourished a kind of consumption, and different fingerprint lock brands from home and abroad, the price differential is like a cold shower to let them into the price calculated and contradictions. Do intelligent fingerprint lock business, consumers for the product definition is a safe and convenient security products, people the most basic requirements of fingerprint lock, that is, security needs, can bring convenience to life at the same time. Merchants can first in security point of view the fingerprint lock brand name products at home and abroad. Fingerprint lock core security module is the lock body, panel and fingerprint identification module. Now the domestic regular brand fingerprint lock factory in mechanical parts than foreign brands pay more attention to its safety performance: 1, super class B 304 stainless steel lock anti-theft lock body; 2, 304 stainless steel or zinc alloy steel plate; While foreign brands using the standard American standard lock body lock core is small, the panel material have different situation, and even South Korea some brands have been critical for plastic panel. Merchants do business intelligent fingerprint lock. The pursuit of stability is one of the basic requirements of fingerprint lock. Instead of an on-off needs after-sale fingerprint lock, will become a burden of life. And the stability of the fingerprint lock involves all aspects of the lock, lock body structure, quality of electronic components, operation algorithm, etc. Domestic fingerprint lock after 10 years of development, basically can guarantee stability, development and foreign brands fingerprint lock longer, theory of stability performance is better. Wide more people in China, however, has created the use of complex environment, in China's relatively complex social environment, higher request of security, such as the steel door, security doors, heaven and earth rod locks products with Chinese characteristics. While foreign brands fingerprint lock to use environment design is relatively simple, in the face of China's fingerprint lock using the environment, installation and use process, compatibility is compromised, the problems also more natural. Native Chinese brand with China's actual market demand, research and development production, the problems have less. Do intelligent fingerprint lock business, solve the field of electronic lock is more and more serious homogeneity phenomenon, domestic brands will be out of your own patterns, whether sheet is tasted, or sales and after-sales mode is out of their own characteristics, in order to gain a foothold in the market.
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