After 80 after 90, buy electronic fingerprint lock, lock don't into the erroneous zone

by:Level      2020-08-01
After 80, 90, for as long as you like a brand will continue to use, loyalty is very high. For example like master kong ice black tea, coke or Pepsi, selection of the right one, so long as they can always drink it. This is the individual character, the millennial generation like it very much, very hate, there is no centre. As the electronic lock fingerprint lock manufacturers, are you sure you don't want to give up 80, 90, after a huge consumer groups. That how to capture their heart, it just depends on how you can create products that meet the they use habit. What kind of product that they like? Please look down. 【 1 】 They like is simple and convenient after 80, 90, is extremely the generation of individual character, they like it's not the full functions and strong. They are mostly straight, pursuit is convenient and quick. For them, the function is not much but complete, 'just enough'. What is enough? Many vendors claim that their products are much more than 10 kinds of open means, but for 80, 90, the consumer, after too many functions, most of it and not to use it very complicated to use, in their eyes is not applicable function tokenistic gesture. For instance, they like as long as you take a mobile phone don't have to pay out, just near the door; Or gently touch of hand can open the door; Or at a hand entry a fingerprint can open a door. These are their pursuit is convenient and simple. 【 2 】 , they need to man is real security in Beijing was the home of the author, the red star us triumphant dragon household market, after more than 80% of the 80, 90 consumers, says security is to buy smart locks, the first thing to do. So the security is a timeless topic, lock industry who deviate from the topic, who will be eliminated by the market. But according to the national standard requirements related to electronic lock industry, electronic lock must with emergency key, this makes those who is sales in the Chinese market of electronic lock, you must have mechanical lock. Is the core component of locks, lock core once breached, other electronic part of the electronic lock will be vulnerable. Therefore, how to promote the intelligent lock security is still smart locks enterprises must solve the problem. And on the market at present, most of the intelligent lock in violence prevention open ways of performance is not so good. In terms of safety, said most of 80, 90 after consumption, such as remote monitoring, remote dialogue such functionality is very practical. But the remote, but they did not look good. Most consumers believe that after 80, 90, remote opening must be connected to the Internet, once connected to the Internet, easy to hacker attacks, so don't believe in this feature. 【 3 】 , personalization, fashion is always the pursuit of their 80, 90 after the consumer is the generation of individual character, don't stick with the status quo, don't want to be willing to work with others to malfunctions. So only novelty things to attract their eyeballs. Let's take cars for example to do! Design more fashion, avant-garde gac preach kei GS4 and harvard H2 to buy most of the Great Wall is 80, 90, after the stable design more moderate, the Great Wall at harvard H6 buyers to 60, 70. Therefore, fashion and personality more popular with consumers after 80, 90. When it comes to personality, of course, inseparable from the custom, the feng xiaogang film the private tailored after fire, various industries are in a 'private tailored' for the publicity stunt, but in the intelligent lock industry few companies also can be customized, the arrival of the custom is still very long. Revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need diligently. Intelligent lock industry, 【 4 】 And how to realize their after-sale protection of online intelligent lock for 80, 90, small to underwear, socks, clothes, big to computers, furniture, anything can be bought on the net. But for the electronic lock but they take different attitudes. In an interview with the author found that 80% of the 80, 90, after consumers in the purchase of electronic lock is still go to stores to buy. They generally believed that the intelligent lock on electricity and physical difference is bigger, so must go to the store to see fifteen rear buy; In addition, they think the electronic lock need to install, to the store to buy better service in the network. So for 80, 90, after the consumer, as long as to solve the online with offline and online purchase, offline after the problem of rapid installation and after-sales maintenance, network will be the focus of future development. Conclusion: to win consumers, after 80, 90, to capture their heart, is hot style or different products, they will reward you.
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