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by:Level      2020-07-27
Many people when buying smart door locks, there will be a lot of hesitation and concerns, to buy or not buy? Is worth? But, after mount intelligence door lock, but very happy. So smart door lock what are the benefits? 1. Security more than the imagination smart door lock using class C lock collocation drilling pry proof stainless steel lock body, also has many alarm functions, whether technology or open violence, in a short period of time, can't complete, effectively protect the safety of home. 2. Convenient remote to open the door in the past often will have no one in the home, but there are guests petition, can only let them wait for, but with smart door locks, one-time or timeliness of the temporary password that may be remote, let guests in rest. Can remote to open the door directly by WeChat small procedures, etc, fast and convenient. 3. Open access smart door lock set administrators grade, free to add, modify, delete, user information, may allow or prohibit certain people to enter. Such as changing the person, such as nannies, cleaners, tutor can delete their registration open access. Don't have to replace the lock or the lock same as before.
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