After installed smart door locks, hand perspire easily to affect recognition, how to do?

by:Level      2020-06-30
For smart door locks, using a common fingerprint is unlock, relative to other ways to unlock, fingerprint unlock more convenient, but also accord with our living habits. But some people have some problems lead to identify not to come out, such as hand sweat easily, especially in hot summer. The following action smart door lock manufacturers to everyone again. 1. More common is dry. Can be carry the napkin, also can be a clothes, after dry, to identify, the success rate is higher. If it is just come back from sports, clothes are all sweat, it is only through the sweat of paper towels to dry hands. 2. Smart door lock is not only the fingerprint to unlock this choice, fingerprint unlocked is just using more common. But also want to remember the password to unlock or card, such as mobile phone, the APP can be unlocked. Although fingerprint unlock with more, but other unlock way remember also, used for backup. 3. Really don't remember other ways of the lock, and happened to someone in the home, can be knocking at the door to let family to open the door. If no one at home, it is need to open air, such as hand sweat air drying, unlock the door.
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