After installing intelligent lock, can more easily by the thief?

by:Level      2020-08-04
Locks, where is neither a s, it is closely connected with safety always. From the rope to the stone block, from the later bone bolt, wood, wood bolt pin bolt, mud copy sealed to the copper as the main material of all kinds of locks, now A/B/C grade locks, are coping with the thief kept and game. , of course, every stealing technology upgrade, also promoted the lock security upgrade. So, safety and technology to unlock the locks will always be a spear and shield, the relationship between them, promote each other. For the thief, hoping that the world is not can't open the lock, and for lock enterprise, defend the thief is always the target of the enterprise. And under the background of the current intelligent, informatization, locks along with the trend of The Times in constant development and progress, more intelligent locks are approached. And it seems to many users, the safety of the lock forever in the first place, only after security solutions focus on convenience. So, a lot of users are buying smart lock always at hesitant: intelligent lock is really safe? Some argue that the intelligent lock cheap also in 2000, up and down your past thousands, it is not clear to tell the thief: 'in my house with intelligent lock, my family is very rich, you come to steal! 'And with a similar sentiment of users. So for them, to buy a high-tech intelligent lock was a thief, than buy a higher security level of mechanical lock. Users from a security perspective, there is nothing wrong with it. But about the safety of the lock can be divided into two ways: on the one hand is to protect the safety of the house property; On the other hand is to protect the family's personal safety. These two aspects of security, in the era of mechanical lock has proven difficult to do it. About the safety of the family property, is to prevent a thief from outside into the room. Both mechanical lock and smart locks, the objective is to raise the cost of the thief's crime. Mechanical lock technical opening or open, violence crime cost is very low, often can be in imperceptible in stolen, and on the door without leaving any traces. Intelligent lock that although there are conspicuous, but belongs to the category of active anti-theft, bring the thief crime cost is higher. First of all, the most intelligent locks are opening alarm function, prevent violence, also said that as long as somebody wants to home invasion by these two means, the user's mobile phone to receive information for the first time, and to make emergency measures according to the situation. Second, the most intelligent lock have remote monitoring function. Has said in all kinds of preventive measures are invalid, intelligent lock can also through the remote monitoring photograph or video as evidence, even if the thief successfully open locks burglary, later can't escape from the law. So, smart locks for the thief, was deter rather than by a thief. About two family's personal safety, is a family home, criminals through open the lock chamber, a threat to the personal safety of family; Another is forgot to take the key force caused by crawling window hanging, and pose a threat to family life. The former, and protect the property security, to prevent violence, prevent technical opening alarm and remote monitoring, criminals is basically not escape. And due to lock up to climb the house building events, and the vast majority of because forgot to take my keys or lost keys. Intelligent lock that can compensate for the defects, mechanical lock, only need to input fingerprint, or enter a password to open the door, not to forget to bring my keys or lost keys. To sum up, intelligent lock tool was not a thief, but a powerful deterrent for thieves, and raise the cost of the crime of high-tech means, and can effectively protect your family's safety. So, intelligent lock to replace mechanical lock is the trend of The Times.
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