All kinds of biometric fingerprint lock advantages comparing which one would you prefer?

by:Level      2020-07-27
Fingerprint lock manufacturers said with biometric technologies appear constantly in the business world, more and more biometrics device or function is applied by the people, in the field in addition to the common fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock also appeared facial recognition, pupil recognition fingerprint lock, lock vein recognition fingerprint lock, etc. However, various biometric technologies have those characteristics? 01 medical certificate fingerprint identification technology, each person's fingerprints in grain pattern, breakpoint and intersection, there is a difference between sex and sex. Fingerprint identification technology by optical, semiconductor electronic signals, ultrasonic imaging, temperature difference fingerprint characteristics, after digital processing and analysis, finally for acceptable digital fingerprint feature extracting information, for reference to the sample or directly used for comparison. Fingerprint identification technology after years of development and validation of the market, is now more mature and widely used biological recognition technology, have a certain advantage. Fingerprint identification technology advantages: 1. Strong practicability: fingerprint collection and use of more convenient, fingerprint head is small in size, the acquisition of low cost, can be applied to a variety of equipment. 2. Good stability: fingerprint identification technology is relatively mature, through long-term market inspection, and fingerprint to have sex and sex, and fingerprint identification is stable and reliable. 3. Convenience, fast scanning fingerprints, use very convenient; 4. Fingerprint identification products with good cost performance: fingerprint acquisition more miniaturization, and low cost. 02 facial recognition technology facial recognition technology, also called as recognition technology. Different people face, or a pair of twins both anthropology method was used to measure can also be found. Face recognition technology is through & other; Local characteristics analysis & throughout; And & other Graphics, neural identification algorithm & throughout; Characteristics of facial organs and parts of the bearing were analyzed, and the extracted into digital information and sample information in database comparison, judgment, confirmed. Face like recognition technology advantages: face recognition with initiative, people do not need to contact device can be identified, and even facial recognition can be active identification in people unwittingly crowd. Surface as recognition of faults: 1. Low accuracy: the current face recognition methods are mainly concentrated in terms of two-dimensional images, due to changes in the illumination, pose, expression, identification accuracy is limited by a lot. 2. High cost: surface like recognition technology improvement depends on the feature extraction and matching technology, collection and image equipment is relatively expensive. 03 iris recognition technology, the iris is located in the cornea, lens, iris structure is stable, its color by pigment contained much and distribution of different and there are differences, the iris recognition system using monochrome television and the video camera technology combined with the software method for iris digital information, validation into information and compare the model information of the deposit in advance, to make an identification. Iris recognition technology advantage: the biological characteristics of collection is more convenient. Disadvantages: 1 of the iris recognition technology. Application popularization program is low: the iris recognition system has carried out many tests, but no more large-scale application. 2. High cost: image acquisition device to mention; The camera is expensive. 04 heart heart rate recognition to identify a similar principle, because a person's heart rhythm is largely stable, everyone is different, the shape of the heart and will not change. Even if the heart rate of people, the heart of the overall shape is still won't change, but to identify the identity of the person at a time. Heart rate identification technology is a use of light reflex photoelectric sensor measuring way, such as the pulse measurement is based on photoelectric technology; Another is the use of electric potential of electrode sensor measurement way. Heart rate identification technology: the advantages of practicality is strong, the heart rate recognizer is small in size, can be applied to a variety of devices, even portable. Heart rate identification of faults: heart rate identification needs to improve, the accuracy of the body is the photoelectric method of detection. 05 voice recognition technology of physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics will be reflected in the man's voice parameters, such as speech waveforms, including voice spectrum curve of the time change and the driving source characteristics of each are not identical. People can extract the different voice has changed a lot and the same voice changed little features for analysis, comparison and identification. Line at present, the mainstream of voice recognition system application is: through the voice of microphone input, through the digital signal processor and digital compression software, to extract the sound image information stored in the database, the application will be collected real-time voice sounds and matching feature information in the database, to make the identification. Voice recognition technology advantages: 1. Voice recognition is a kind of non-contact recognition technology, users can naturally accept. 2. Voice recognition technology has good convenience, economy and accuracy.
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