All say the fingerprint lock security, do you know where its safety reflect? | |

by:Level      2020-07-29
Today, many people are buying as a family of lock, fingerprint lock is in order to secure the two words. And for the safety of the claim, people have debated. Some people said, fingerprint lock is now high safety coefficient to a lock, safe, convenient and quick. Some people said, fingerprint lock is not so safe, although it can live fingerprint recognition, but it does not put an end to fake a fingerprint. So the fingerprint lock safe? Its safety in where? Fingerprint lock security is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, to prevent false fingerprint to open: a qualified fingerprint lock must be able to prevent false fingerprint to open, if can't meet the requirements of this simple, that is very terrible. Because our fingerprints will be conveniently legacy, especially in the fingerprint lock acquisition screen, once the copy is stolen by others, our lock is useless, therefore, an expression of the safety of the fingerprint lock, is must be able to prevent false fingerprint to open. 2 boomed, and recognize the false rate: refuse boomed and recognize the false rate is reflected in one of the important indicators of fingerprint lock security. For & other; Truthful straightforwardness, recognize false rate throughout the &; Tradeoffs between each other, to a certain extent is right because at the same level, boomed from high, false rate is low, and vice versa. This is inversely proportional. Therefore, according to the related standard, the family into a door with a fingerprint lock security level should be level 3, which boomed from & le; 0. 1%, the recognition rate of false & le; 0. 001%. 3, mechanical anti-theft lock core level: at present, our country's locks norm level of class A and class B, 2, grade A lock core structure is very simple, the technical open time within 1 minute, basic can be opened by tin foil, and mutual opening rate is high, if matching of fingerprint lock is this kind of lock, the door is useless. Therefore, fingerprint lock anti-theft mechanical lock core level must achieve a level B. B class lock technical open time more than 5 minutes, tinfoil basic could not be opened. At present, also appeared on the market a & other; Class C & throughout; Locks, prevention technology of 270 minutes of open, open and technical opening had little tin foil. Even if it is, therefore, the fingerprint lock, lock of guard against theft level also nots allow to ignore. 4, inserted core lock body structure: the embodiment of the fingerprint lock for security and performance in the aspects of core lock body structure, in general, must be gb core lock body structure. If the lock body structure is strictly according to national anti-theft lock body design of insert core, clutch, before and after can prevent violence open, even if outside board was damaged also can't open the door, safety is better; Otherwise, use the false core lock body design, some don't have to violence, took the card from the side a pull open the door, prevent damage anti-theft performance is poor. For the attention of the fingerprint lock security are indispensable, only high safety coefficient of fingerprint lock can let everybody back choice it.
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