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by:Level      2020-07-19
With the promotion and popularization of the fingerprint combination lock when in bridal chamber is decorated, more and more users choose to use the fingerprint combination lock. But there are still many users are confused about the advantages of using fingerprint combination lock is extremely safe. Below for you to lift the user common three doubts: doubt 1: fingerprint safe combination lock? Can be at ease use? In lock market, although the traditional locks still account for the vast majority of proportion, but like a fingerprint combination lock, trick lock, the increasingly induction of high-grade locks lock locks to be bestowed favor on newly, favored by more and more people, especially high-grade village resident, all choose to install the fingerprint combination lock. How would these intelligent lock security? Fingerprint combination lock is the use of the human body biometric fingerprint authentication security identification to open the door, can not be replaced, can't copy and characteristics of the use of high-tech, biometric and DSP algorithms of digital image processing technology, and meet the requirements of the modern security a new generation of entrance guard system. But related professionals pointed out that the fingerprint combination lock, combination lock, such as high-grade locks, main characteristic is easy to use, although the fingerprint open means have no replication, can effectively prevent the key security threats posed by being copied, but also do not represent the anti-theft performance must be very strong. The industry have such a words: & other; For a security doors, locks is the heart; And for a lock, lock decides the anti-theft performance of the high and low & throughout; Fingerprint combination lock, it is more intelligent, open means and ordinary locks, anti-theft level still depends on the lock. If high-grade lock USES A level lock lock, so anti-theft performance remains low, technical staff can easily open the lock. Only auxiliary in high security lock, the security of real security locks, from a large extent reduce the possible threat. Question 2: fingerprint combination lock is bad? Combination lock on fingerprint quality, it is recommended that the consumer is when the choose and buy should pay attention to select good enterprise manufacturers. In general, rooted in the lock industry more manufacturers, tend to experience the full market survey and accumulated rich experience, the application of the combination lock both fingerprint identification technology, and traditional lock technology, are able to guarantee the stability of product quality. Fingerprint combination lock constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced equipment and technology, the company product quality and design concept to keep in the industry forefront. We can confidently said: & other; The quality of the products is our pride. ” Question 3: the prevalence rate of fingerprint combination lock, how now? Fingerprint combination lock into & other; Ordinary people & throughout; Has become a trend. According to market research firm, according to a new report in Europe and the region for nearly 50% of households using fingerprint combination lock. Although fingerprint combination lock in the domestic market share of less than 5% of civil locks, but as the movie series, especially the foreign film and television play the frequency combination lock, fingerprint of the high-tech products produced strong interest, rising momentum, predicts 2020, fingerprint combination lock market share is expected to more than 15%. Fingerprint combination lock could not be copied, as long as a little finger, to get into the house, the lock of the revolution. Fingerprint combination lock not only brings to the life convenience, is also a kind of fashionable element, the penetration rate will increase in the future.
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