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by:Level      2020-07-26
Iot intelligence door lock system built-in and external sensors to the external environment changes, according to the different situation of their own conditions, make a different work plan, to adapt to the different needs, keep good state. Iot intelligence door lock system can also be based on user habits of learning, for the operation of the user save a lot of state set, easier and more convenient to use human nature, and once the user habit change, iot intelligence door lock system can also generates a new set. , of course, this is an ideal state, under the condition of existing technology, could also not achieve them, but with the increase of Internet of things era sensing device, which may be realized in the near future. Under the existing technical level, after the access to the Internet of things of intelligent door lock system will have the influence of the following aspects: 1, based on the traditional hardware locks, on the basis of extending the application of product function, such as mobile phone to open the door and unlocked remotely; 2, on the basis of traditional hardware locks, and sensing control chip, can lock and security equipment implementation system, expand the lock of a single function, at the same time solve the security of the system integration, such as can with camera, door magnetic, magnetic window and so on other equipment system integration; 3, in the era of mobile Internet and Internet of things era, door lock manufacturers realized with family mobile Internet and Internet of things & other; Entrance & throughout; Layout, greatly extended the customer life cycle consumption, consumption cycle based services will derive a lot of value-added services; 4, to the traditional sales mode will also bring the change of the business model, such as locks leasing mode, free mode, value-added service and so on; Based on the above analysis, the combination of fingerprint into the Internet of things technology will surely become the direction of future development, and is the inevitable requirement of a new round of intelligent door locks upgrading. Fingerprint lock seamless to receive the current smart home system, realize effective linkage of locks and intelligent home appliances, locks and home, family, strengthen infinite connection, can realize free unlock by mobile phones, view at any time to open the door. When the home is old person, child, through open records, can query whether children, older people have to go home, for remote monitoring of their safety. At the same time also can effectively and other smart home products form linkage, implementation scenario mode control. Go home at night, for example, opened the door and the room is lit up, air conditioning automatically transferred to the 26 ℃, intelligent household automatic response. To achieve this series of actions, just kiss a finger on, can easily implement. Door lock, as the era of Internet of things to change the key of the form is not enough. Will & other; Intelligent & throughout; The concept of extension, make the user more safe and convenient to live in, is the goal. The essence of a lock is to protect the door security. The Internet of things era door lock is not enough just to do it safely, in guarantee under the premise of safety, should give it more value and significance.
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