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by:Level      2020-07-23
1. Hotel locks in without A credit card can also open the door, always keep A normally open state, the reasons are as follows: A: locks are painted with emergency card solution: emergency CARDS again, or open A door with the door card to normal one; B: locks are painted with engineering debug card solution: brush again engineering debug card or open a door with the door card to normal one; C: after normally open set card lock brush, brush again on the guest room card solution: brush again, the normally open Settings or brush again room guest card can cancel this function; D: locks are painted with emergency security card solution: brush again emergency security card can cancel this function ( After emergency security card hotel lock brush, not only in a normally open state, but also will keep alarm) 。 2. Authorization Settings for door lock, door lock flash blue lights, but no sound. The reason is: A: locks have been brush customer authorization card, the hotel need to authorization solution: card on the door with A key card, the door at this time of bright blue light at the same time, then brush card authorization. ( Mechanical key to open the door, if twist hotel lock bright red light, the authorized card, also can brush finish authorization Settings. ) 3. With guest card can't open the door, the credit card when the red light, on the door lock and send out & other; Drop & throughout; “ Drop & throughout; And two short, total card can open. In this case how to handle? Encounter this kind of situation, general for the door locked; If the door is not locked, it is a hardware failure, please contact your local dealer to replace the motor components within the lock body.
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