Artificial intelligence fingerprint lock: 'orange peel' s lock can only be vulnerable

by:Level      2020-07-19
Recently, the 'orange peel and film crack mobile fingerprint identification system' video hot network. Pull the safety of the fingerprint identification problem into the people field of vision, many lock.com/products' target='_blank'>intelligent lock installed and ready to install the smart lock's friend, worry: smart locks were safe at home? Here we can see that video and articles mentioned 'crack' fingerprint lock, because mobile nature of the fingerprint identification system is image recognition, rather than the result of fingerprint identification. Mobile phone due to the sensor area is small, need to make the most of all biological information collected in the per unit area, so can only use the image recognition, and don't do that texture structure characteristic of fingerprint identification, and the whole image recognition is unable to distinguish between fingerprint image or a fingerprint image, which is led to the current mobile fingerprint recognition system can be the root of the orange peel and sticker to attack. In addition, mobile phone manufacturer of fingerprint recognition system is & quot; Friend or foe & quot; Since the study will forge the biometric information learning into the fingerprint identification system, which is one of the important cause of the film after crack. However, these problems are not the solution. Because in the mobile phone application of fingerprint time is short, the relevant vendors without the experience of the safety of the fingerprint identification technology precipitation, failed to avoid such attacks. And avoid the method is simple, namely USES the way of feature points matching to do fingerprint identification system, at the same time to do first & quot; Friend or foe & quot; Identification, redo learning can avoid false information attack. In the traditional lock basically do not have this hole. Because locks are often used on large area of sensors, and large area sensor for fingerprint recognition system is largely based on the way to build on the basis of characteristic points recognition. Of course, don't rule out the use of tiny area of the sensor or individual manufacturer defects algorithm and bring this kind of problem. Fingerprint lock fingerprint reading head with no dead Angle 360 °, identification of nano ceramic semiconductor living sensors, adapter deep learning algorithm engine, high safety feature points by using three different algorithms fingerprint data comparison, the algorithm is based on structure feature points to build, on the basis of the image algorithm are introduced to improve the alignment accuracy and general image high pass rate of the algorithm on your mobile phone, but the course rate is also high, generally at about one over fifty thousand, and have high speed chip fingerprint algorithm of fingerprint lock due to the use of large area sensors to collect rich biological information, rate of course can do one over one million scale, security is also much higher than mobile fingerprint identification system. After watching the above points, you should understand: whether from fingerprint chip or fingerprint algorithm, fingerprint identification technology of intelligent lock than mobile phones are more advanced security, fingerprint identification technology, is difficult to be cracked! The fingerprint lock technology award of the fingerprint identification technology has won national patents, its security has been recognized by users.
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