As electronic fingerprint lock agent business, the businessman how critical pin?

by:Level      2020-06-30
In contemporary household electronic fingerprint lock consumers pay more attention to quickly identify open experience at the same time, it is also very pay attention to fashion design, many investors are aware of the huge market potential, choose electronic fingerprint lock in joining agent, and also resulted in an increasingly competitive industry boom, a lot of people say business is not good, so how electronic fingerprint lock franchisees are sold better lock electronic fingerprints? Here, according to the experience of the central China region for Chen, carefully summed up the six skills increase your electronic fingerprint lock product sales, hope the broad masses of agents to help. One, the salesman must explain a lot of consumer enthusiasm for the customer will have so of consciousness of choose and buy, shop around, many consumers even if are interested in purchasing electronic fingerprint lock, also won't quickly sign orders, total want to choose more, choose choose the color of the product, style, function. At this time, the salesman will change tactics, temporarily don't talk about the order, to help each other warmly pick the color, style, function, etc. , as long as to solve the above problems, believe that your order is done. Second, use 'discount' for psychological marketing a lot of consumer have such a psychological, the more things get, the more want to get it. A salesman can use this kind of psychology to the order. Salesman can aim at the customer, for example, said: 'this product is only a, more popular recently, no longer replenish onr's stock in the short term, don't you buy, there is no' or: 'today is the deadline, the price of this product, please grasp the good opportunity, tomorrow the product will not enjoy the discount. Website ( www。 hune。 cn) Three, assumes that the prospective customer has agreed to buy when prospective customers repeated buy signal, but hesitate make up our minds, can adopt the technique of 'choose one'. Salesman, for instance, can be trained on the customer said: 'would you like the classical style of electronic fingerprint lock or the electronic fingerprint lock of Chinese style style? 'Or:' is this Friday or Saturday to help send your home installation? ', the 'choose one' questioning skills, as long as the prospective customers to select a, is actually you help him to make, make up my mind to buy. Four, before installation, 'experience' test results of new products is often a lot of consumer confidence in it is not enough, then can be advised consumers to install experience first. As long as you have confidence in the product, apply a risk, but as long as the other satisfaction after the publicity that is quite good. This kind of 'experience' test results of skills can help consumers to buy. Five, ask clever answer answer, namely prospective customers asked some electronic fingerprint lock products, unfortunately no, just have to ask type are used to get the order. As one customer ask: 'do you have any red slide of electronic fingerprint lock? 'At this point, the salesman shall not answer: no, but should be asked:' I'm sorry! The color we have no production, but we have white, black, and in these a few, which one you prefer? 'Six, humble words, word consult the hassle, you use all the skills to be null and void, the see this deal done, try this method. For example: 'so-and-so manager, though I know our company's electronic fingerprint lock products is very suitable for you, but my ability is too poor, can't convince you, I give up. However, before you leave, please refers to the lack of I, let me have a chance to improve learning? 'Humble words like this, not only easy to meet each other's vanity, but also eliminate the hostility between the two. He will show you, encourage you, to give you up, still perhaps can give you recommend unexpected order oh. < Intelligent lock & gt; Website reprint, editing, for information purposes; For reprint manuscript involves the copyright issues, please contact the author us!
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