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by:Level      2020-06-30
As home, car, high-grade office buildings and hotels etc. The rapid development of pillar industries, and national defense, public security, finance and other systems the growing demand for high defensive locks products, high-grade locks market outlook. According to introducing, locks in the consumer market of high-tech products like biological recognition technology, electronic technology is still in a blank stage, but the consumers in the market demand for the desire is growing every year. Each lock companies developed IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption card door locks, building intercom security system, the valve locks, etc, and fingerprint lock. Because high-end locks high technical content, more prominent human nature, personalized features, so the product has a high profit. Currently, the main hardware locks market trend has four. , industrial design into the culture, the attention of individual grade. The hardware design, the locks on market is multifarious, wide variety, but the real will start from the design of various cultural connotations as design concept into one does not see more, so a trend that is on the lock body function has carried on the new design to meet the needs of the family. On the user experience and products humanized more attention. , the rise of intelligent locks intelligent hardware, at present, the technology and science and technology content is higher intelligent locks, including combination lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock because of its unique convenience, as well as the technology gradually mature and by biological recognition technology of fingerprint lock, more because of the fingerprint of sex, sex, easy to carry, do not forget, not missing features, has a more broad market prospect. Hardware lock never stopped this on the one hand, the development of innovation. Third, hardware locks enterprises pay more attention to the attention of hardware product details, keep improving product quality, from the details reflect consumer taste, reflects the understanding of the connotation of the product. Is focus on technology and quality certification, product standards with international practice. This is one of the consumers more concerned. Fourth, enterprises pay more attention to the quality and brand, the real connotation of good brand is the quality, durability, the crystallization of sustainable development; Quality is the life of the enterprise. And pay attention to product innovation and patent application, to improve the core competitiveness, the protection of intellectual property rights is becoming more and more specifications.
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