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by:Level      2020-07-21
As people the innovation of new technology and development, life becomes more and more convenient, not only the efficiency is becoming more and more high, at the same time as the home of People's Daily life also slowly become smarter. Tuyere and intelligent household as an industry, also makes the major technology companies have flocked to smart home market grew vigorously. Intelligent lock related enterprises have from 2015 hundreds of thousands of development in 2016. In recent years, intelligent lock is acknowledged as the breakthrough for the development of smart home, not only because of its outstanding performance in the ascension home safety and convenient performance, but also because in today's intelligent household market has not wake up, under the situation of many kinds of intelligent products only smart locks for success, also can take root, and rise in the future market space is very large, compared to other intelligent product more easily realized, so the intelligent lock by the related firms it is not surprising. While other number of intelligent lock manufacturers, however, the development of the intelligent lock disadvantages also gradually revealed, first is the technical questions and quality, and especially some cheap smart lock is more problematic, secondly because people pursue more and more intelligent lock function diversity and convenience, not only makes the high prices of intelligent lock, even the intelligent eauty lock anti-theft function also becomes important. According to the survey, more than eighty percent of the smart locks currently opened by intelligent risks, while 90% of smart locks does not have the function that prevent violence to open. The development of the intelligent lock can not only figure & other; Convenient & throughout; And ignore the anti-theft performance! According to introducing, intelligent lock on the market today there are many security vulnerabilities, such as eighty percent smart locks are front system, using the smart locks only a pry forcibly with screwdriver on the front panel, the inside of the circuit is exposed, and then only need to be connected to the prepared a very ordinary smart lock system, this lock is control, Michael Jackson! Second, now 90% intelligent lock handle not compression, smart lock the handle does not have to break off the prevention function, press hard the handle time will take the line inside out, the lock can be opened by violence. Intelligent anti-theft lock, aimed at the current market environment of intelligent lock only pays attention to function, and ignore the problems of anti-theft performance, intelligent lock retaining intelligent lock convenient at the same time, the performance of the core functions of guard against theft overlay, combination of intelligence and security!
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