At the end of the year for home in smart door locks, need to pay attention to what?

by:Level      2020-07-20
Late go home, some people want to give home installed smart door locks, long used to replace the home traditional mechanical anti-theft lock, use convenient, make the old person, child is safe, at the same time away from home can also pay attention to the old man children out, sooner or later. So, what changed into smart locks need to pay attention to? 1. Can confirm the installation. Before buying, communication and customer service to confirm whether his door can be installed in a normal intelligence door lock, and door is the type of wooden door or security doors etc. 2. Measurement data confirm that can be installed after the door, need to measure the relevant data of the door, such as guide plate width, height, thickness of the door, must be accurate measurement, is it needed to measure the length, width, etc. , of the old lock to ensure that the selected models of intelligent door locks can overwrite the old lock. And then confirm the door direction, will affect the door lock accessories and installation. 3. Smart door lock brands need to have a good pick. Need to choose a good smart door lock brand products, in terms of the quality of quality can be guaranteed, they will have a stable after-sales service at the same time, can timely response, encounter problems can be solved soon.
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