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by:Level      2020-07-19
Experienced people all know that autumn is decorated have many advantages, such as because the climate is dry, woodiness plank is not easy to get damp, paint, paint to dry, etc. , but also there are some unique decor sequelae. For metope decorate this problem, to introduce you to some knowledge of relevant autumn decoration. A: indoor tasteless immediately without too much decoration smell only because fall caused by low temperature, this illusion will gradually exposed with the beginning of the winter heating, when indoor temperature rise, all kinds of harmful gas will be more active, indoor has been full of polluted air, seriously affecting the health of decorate owner. Therefore, even if it didn't after decorating, also want to wait for half a month to a month's time to check in, at the same time also note sooner or later, a window ventilated 2: wall cracks repaired immediately because of the dry weather and the temperature change is frequent, water loss and wall body material shrinkage will cause varying degrees of wall cracks and crack, these are part of the normal physical change of decoration materials. Walling said the moisture volatilizes are volatile and there are likely to continue, then even if repair, metope also will continue to crack. When autumn repair should pay attention to don't try so hard, should wait until spring to revision according to the situation. 3: air dry paint or wallpaper summer home decoration or paste wallpaper, paint coating are usually open the Windows and doors lets metope in a relatively short time to dry. But if also open doors and Windows in the autumn, the weather is dry, metope will dry faster, and the water lost too fast, will have the possibility of contraction deformation. As a result, the wallpaper paint coating or shop in 1 to 2 days, should keep close the doors and Windows, ventilation, or only in the morning and evening time but always keep metope naturally air-dried state. In addition to them, even to the wallpaper hydrating, so before the shop is stuck to soaked in water, and then brush glue spread. With the development of intelligent electronic security products market, technology and services will be more perfect, people believe that insist on the spirit of exploration and innovation ability, can bring more wonderful charm products for users, an open, a society, according to responsibility and integrity has been committed to building & other; China smart door lock brands & throughout; As in the field of intelligent anti-theft lock. Down-to-earth, toughen wings, powerful wings, can soar, together to create brilliant future with you! All rights reserved: / Reprint please indicate the source)
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