China's fingerprint lock market once was open, development space will be enlarged unlimitedly | |

by:Level      2020-07-01
With the development of science and technology of China and the progress of the society, more and more people realize the importance of safety for the life and family. The safety of the mechanical lock, however, has been gradually cannot satisfy the demand of people, at the same time the fingerprint lock arises at the historic moment. Fingerprint lock, it relies on the technological advantages of security, confidentiality, and become the industry to be bestowed favor on newly, civil market is gradually widening, infinite development space to expand. Fingerprint lock is the human fingerprint for the identification of a carrier and means of smart locks, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and the crystallization of modern hardware technology. Fingerprint lock is higher than the traditional mechanical lock security, has more advantages. According to the division anti-theft performance, fingerprint lock is divided into two categories, common fingerprint lock and fingerprint anti-theft lock. Ordinary fingerprint lock, and the original electronic lock difference is not much, mainly use fingerprint authentication, but not for existing domestic security doors. Anti-theft locks, security is better, can apply to standard security door and wooden door. This kind of lock can lock security doors with heaven and earth system of automatic or semi-automatic, does not affect the performance of the existing security doors. Fingerprint lock growth rate is very high, and the traditional locks have slow down, the trend shows that the fingerprint lock will have to replace the traditional mechanical lock, a new era of competition, will naturally cause technology updates, promote the progress of human civilization. Fingerprint lock development prospect of the light. All rights reserved:
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