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by:Level      2020-07-14
Recently, according to the National Bureau of Statistics released in 2015, according to the national economy in 2015, our country old people over 60 years of age and 2. 16, 300 million, the total population. 0 5%, higher than that of 2014. More than 6%, with 65 years of age and the elderly population proportion of the population has reached 11. 6%. With the change of family structure in today's society, more and more empty nest families. : according to the survey in more than 65 and the old man's family, only a pair of old man living families accounted for 11%, accounted for 10 single old man. Accounted for 4%, two total 21. 4%. Children are hard to take care of this part of the old man's daily life, and the shortage of elderly welfare institutions and pension beds, make social endowment also struggling. Most old people live a lifetime in the home, has been inseparable from the familiar living environment in the home, let them go to welfare institutions endowment, whether from the face or lining, most old people in the heart is unwilling to accept. So there is no other method can help parents, let parents convenient, convenient experience, enjoy home bring warm wishes? In fact, a set of household fingerprint lock could easily let parents experience home with 'love'. Spring Festival will come, in advance to prepare a nice gift, to the parents home to install a home fingerprint lock, the installation is not only of the filial piety to parents, but rest assured, security to your parents. Home the old memory is not good, often forget to take the key, how to do? Old people doing morning exercises in the morning to bring my keys uncomfortable, how to do? Home key, locked in the outside? Still worry about thieves often visit? Go out shopping, for bags in key problems, how to do? Children often off key, how to do? 'Af' fingerprint lock has faster 'af' recognition, fingerprint, password and sensing, remote control, mechanical keys to more than one function, adopts 304 stainless steel material, atomic mechanical locks, B level security standard, whenever you return, the finger touch, you can easily open, to reassure parents can live at home, feel the warmth of home, is that the children can best New Year gift to the parents.
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