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by:Level      2020-07-14
Smart door lock is appears along with the rapid development of technique and compared with the ordinary mechanical locks, such as convenience, security, intelligence is higher, so the right to choose a suitable for their own use, excellent performance of intelligent door locks, in the choose and buy of intelligent door locks, need to master certain principles according to the different use of the environment, the selection of different locks, such as Banks, securities companies, government agencies must have a time limit, the choose and buy the lock record and alarm function, can from intelligent lock system security, stability, the two key points to consider: open, the technical content of traditional door lock is too low. No matter what kind of structure of traditional locks are corresponding tactics could open. The safe hidden trouble that can be replicated and the key is big. Need to be able to withstand malicious destruction of pressure, such as powerful drill pry violent destruction. Smart door locks, in this regard, the quality of the basic can be up to standard. And intelligent lock is higher than mechanical lock has the advantage of no lock, not afraid of jam, so security is incomparable. In addition, the stability of the intelligent anti-theft lock is also crucial. When should open but can't open, on should close but not close, may be brought to the owner of the door cannot be expected losses. Several smart door locks, basically speaking, the stability of induction type intelligent door locks to a lot higher than other intelligent door locks. CiKaShi smart door lock will be magnetic and electrostatic interference, especially in the winter in the northeast of China under the condition of the dry air, static. So the choose and buy when card not contact intelligent electronic door locks, will be big to extend the life of the door lock. All rights reserved:
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