Choose intelligent lock manufacturer cooperation ten kinds of methods and indicators

by:Level      2020-07-13
Real smart door lock brand, typically after more than 10 years of precipitation, otherwise the quality of the products is not guaranteed. And, a quality of fingerprint lock product, clinical test should pass door lock, fingerprint identification technology, user feedback, the product research and development, product design, mold manufacturing, die-casting, stamping, drilling machine, lathe, line cutting, polishing, plating, assembly, quality inspection, electronic application, etc. More than 100 procedures. The author thinks that choose to see the following smart door lock indicator; 1, manufacturer/brand: this is the key point of choice intelligence door lock. Only manufacturer production quality guaranteed, may let the user with peace of mind; Only with manufacturer after-sales guaranteed, it's possible to someone in the wrong Ming can solve ( Product has no bad, you don't think you buy things can't be bad) ; Only manufacturer quality and after-sale guaranteed could let users not to open the door locked outside the door. Every manufacturer how to select factory, this how good, will say that they are also likely to everyone says he is famous brand, and so on, the author suggested the following: A, the manufacturer of professional degree: usually A professional do lock enterprise, lock, for life, he did not die, he must be prepared to the quality of the lock; B, the industry situation and the history of the enterprise system C, manufactory: an enterprise has made one hundred and twenty locks, and will also be able to survive, and grew, his product will not is bad ( We can't say he, because there may be better than him) 。 The history of this history is refers to the lock that do, don't choose the midway to see profits also squeeze in a glass of water, these people can do bad also retreating. Like everyone comes to the computer just thinking of DELL, IBM, think of lenovo, because they are professional, scale and history, has accumulated. ( NOKIA mobile phone to be eliminated, because there are APPLE, APPLE, samsung's reason, he is because of innovation, in the reform, the NOKIA do mobile phone business closed down) , it is really important. Many are all enterprises in China have what products to make money doing what, no technical strength take somebody else's ready-made products assembled, smart door lock manufacturing enterprises, more than ten years to do one thing, it is lock, especially electronic lock is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment of independent research and development of a complete set of system stability. In product research and development of the Chinese themselves as few, especially smart door lock as borrow electronic lock production system technology and experience for many years. To become a product is not buy a shell and a circuit is called products ( Special identification analysis of the control circuit to grasp core technology information transfer more accurate) And qualified products is a set of perfect and development, production, service system, the combination of standard of every part, marketed before has done a lot of experiments, simply a qualified products is a support system. D, the scale of the factory power: everyone show their quality is good, he is the most professional. Who believe? General large-scale and professional do lock enterprise, to wind and rain for decades, his product is through the test of market, can be trusted. E, manufacturers of products and categories: according to the state of the union ( Domestic consumers to accept new things faster) And personal circumstances, such as the dealer should pay attention to the development of the enterprise ability. If a factory only one or two kind of lock, do two or three years and have only one or two paragraph, so he should have no power. A powerful enterprise paragraphs tend to have more than a dozen or even dozens of intelligent door locks, because the needs of different users may not be the same, in the course of ten years he will have at least a dozen of accumulation. Only a few locks enterprises tend to younger. F, factory after-sales service ability: to understand the situation of the enterprise, if a manufacturer can in each made city set up its service system, he must not bad after-sales service ability.
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