Choose nine of the advantages of smart technology electronic lock

by:Level      2020-08-12
Advantage: panel work: select stainless steel panel of the new-type alloy die casting, the surface in addition to using the latest space application PVD adhesion, nanotechnology not easy ageing, not easy fade, etc. Advantage 2: electronic lock motherboard: electronic lock the mainboard are waterproof, moistureproof process in addition, to solve the circuit boards in electronic components due to the weather changes and oxidation, corrosion problems, ensure the door lock using boast skillful; Three advantages: electronic lock lock body: silicone standard five lock tongue, has an independent for the lock tongue, super master lock locks the tongue and the lock tongue, solved the door lock for plug and problems; Four advantages: electronic lock handle: free handle idling or idling in structure, and adopts the integrated design, prevent loose and fall off; Advantage five: mechanical key to open the lock: there will be 2 in each door lock mechanical spare keys, mechanical spare keys can be solved under any emergency emergency unlock; Six advantages: data query functions: data collector has open record query function, solve the problem of stolen hotel stolen, in order to strengthen the management of the hotel; Advantages 7: the factory quality assurance: each electronic door lock must be before they go out of the circuit board for aging test, the test to prevent virtual welding, welding phenomena occur, avoid door lock fails, guarantee the quality of door lock factory. Advantages: eight proUSB door lock system: the core of all the door management software developed, unbreakable, versatility, can be compatible with different hotel management system, is one cartoon to hotel management; Advantages of nine: electronic lock operation principle: every door lock use section 4 5 alkaline batteries; Can cause on door lock voltage alarm, alarm can still open the door after more than 200 times; ​
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