Choose room intelligent lock can from what aspects _ room intelligent lock

by:Level      2020-08-11

due to the security of modern thought selling as well as research and development of more comprehensive and profound so lock technology more mature, more and more intelligent phase lock market and upgrade very much update speed is very fast, but for users don't know about intelligent lock lock is a problem how to choose the room intelligence. Then select rooms intelligent lock can from what aspects?

a, choosing products with fingerprint unlock

because each person's fingerprints are natural and not so can be used as a password, choose as far as possible when choosing rooms intelligent lock unlock function with fingerprint products, can do this in a larger extent, ensure the safety of the guest rooms are in a short period of time to unlock, customers no longer need to carry the heavy keys to open houses.

2, select manufacturing experience operating time long

due to the manufacturing process is relatively old and long locks so when choosing the lock brand focus on understanding of history, choose rooms intelligent lock should choose rich manufacturing experience and brand management for a long time, do so in the security of the building can better promote to a higher level, at the same time experienced intelligent lock manufacturers also can be quickly installed and put into use.

3, choose can use the password to unlock

because some fingerprint input is not well suited to certain industry workers, workers such as doctors or heavy industry such as the type of work with long hours of work of fingerprint wear serious, so try to pick a room with the password to unlock the intelligent lock for the decryption of the building, and use the password can effectively prevent others from entering the house key to prevent leakage problems.

technology advanced rooms intelligent lock not only top technically and in terms of price is favourable. Select rooms intelligent lock not only need to choose their own fingerprint unlock products can more quickly unlock, but also need to select manufacturing experience operating time long brand to increase quality of lock, also need to choose can use the password to unlock the brand with cannot be fingerprint to unlock the user.

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