Choose the smart door lock key in where?

by:Level      2020-07-17
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, smart door lock entered many ordinary families, began to gradually replace the traditional mechanical lock. So, want to choose a pair of intelligent door locks, to see those that focus on the place? The first is a common fingerprint to unlock. Fingerprint unlock this a feature that can be a very good solution to solve the mechanical keys to bring all sorts of problems, let the life is very convenient. Fingerprint identification is currently used optical recognition and semiconductors. The current situation, identify semiconductor fingerprint head more secure, can effectively prevent false fingerprints, and the fingerprint recognition rate is higher. And the lock. Lock is like the heart of the whole lock, their level of security is particularly important. Normal manufacturer is using class C lock, opening and violence in a short period of time can effectively prevent open, safety performance is high. Alarm mechanism. Many smart door lock has many security features, including warning mechanism is one of common and practical. If not close the door alarm, trial and error alarm, broken alarm, etc. , through the alarm to remind or shock, achieve the goal of security. Is not to be less function.
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