Coil 3 seconds to open? Buy the wrong 'false alarm' fingerprint lock safe hidden trouble

by:Level      2020-07-14
Such as accident cases have become common. For a long time, much of the public security police, security experts remind insists: 'the door must be locked, because the criminal suspect is to master the ability of a variety of lock, anti-theft locks the door lock is the most basic security functions, and final guarantee, they are very difficult to start. ”— — Technology to unlock the mechanical lock is the best for family security protection when we were at home, don't let their guard down, the door must be locked, the picture is terrible! ! If the habit of not at home at ordinary times you lock the door, be sure to look at! Figure 2: a shocking 'cat's eye' unlock tool figure 3: shocking 'CARDS' unlock tool recently popular Internet 'tesla coil black box', almost all of the fingerprint lock related WeChat group, there are reports of tesla event link forward, caused a stir in the whole industry and panic, a lot of users, electric touch interference, Internet hacking attacks, in fact, open technology theft means to continue to 'update', but also the creeping for family security, the author strongly again remind all home users must use mechanical lock function. To lock the door, in a more down to the bottom of the door handle and lock tongue, engaged in a locksmith 20 years old master Chen said, don't look down upon this locks the lock tongue, it can greatly the thieves to open the door of time delay and the difficulty, also not seen open basic mechanical lock anti-theft tongue of case. For a thief, want to easily open the door lock is almost impossible, the only way to want to open the door only destroy the door lock, but destroy the locks a larger movement, they will soon give up. So, for the sake of the family security, must clear the mechanical lock function bring great security. Hangzhou city public security bureau to remind citizens to shut the door should be locked at night - — With no indoor mechanical lock function of fingerprint lock, it is better to not install for users, the safety of the lock is always the user the most attention topic, and into the era of intelligent, fingerprint lock is to proof the thief, have the effect of protecting personal and property safety of the user? Connected to the Internet Internet, in particular, these are still a lot of the user to select the first condition of fingerprint lock, especially careful hackers attack to upgrade. In my opinion, Korean locks, locks the rear panel without mechanical function, the use of electronic locks the principle of fingerprint lock, do not have true have anti-theft security, many criminals can use electronic circuit, cat's eye holes method the house crime, and a certain amount of damage, and must not be used without mechanical lock anti-theft locks, is by no means alarmist. The author thinks that: it is recommended that the true Chinese standard consumer choose and buy the fingerprint lock anti-theft, inside must be equipped with a has nothing to do with intelligence completely pure mechanical lock device, once can't open the door locked from the outside, equipped with mechanical lock function, is locked on the bottom of the start button, the thief from outside can not open the lock. ( Indoor fingerprint lock knob lock reference) ( Indoor fingerprint lock knob lock reference) Image capture (found on the Internet Indoor lock knob fully automatic fingerprint lock) Image capture epilogue found on the Internet: standard electronic anti-theft lock industry development, improve the overall quality and the grade level of electronic anti-theft lock products, the Ministry of Public Security safety and alarm detect with electronic product quality the center and China's hardware industry technology innovation strategic alliance to revised the 'standard of electronic anti-theft lock', in this, the author once again remind users fingerprint lock when the choose and buy, put safety first, give preference to have national certification and brand quality assurance of products, also please don't blind panic and spread a similar message, give an opportunity to criminals.
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