Common problems and solutions of sauna lock

by:Level      2020-08-04
Sauna lock because most used in sauna, so called sauna lock, most service industry all use sauna bath and shower lock takes care of the clothes for the guest. Sauna lock one of the most advantage is waterproof and security, only the admin and guest when two CARDS are to play the lock. Electronic products have uncertainties, of course, sauna lock in the process of use will be more or less a few small problems, sauna lock to share with you today everyday problems and solutions. Sauna lock closed don't lock the door, Closed phenomenon: no response, open the door red light flashing and di di di alarm) Possible causes, 1. Factory Settings to prevent illegal card 2. When debugging, close the door lock tongue did not reach the designated position, and then in a hurry to open the door, the lock tongue comes out, people will lock tongue back) The solution, 1. If don't match the guest before hand, the use of card point reading head, open the door, symbolic internal memory program to open the door lock to state 2. If configuration after guests hand, head, or use the generic card in the guest card waiter card to open the door) 。 Sauna lock closed alarm ( Phenomenon: 1. Can close the door, but the blue lights flashing and di di di alarm 2. The door will not shut, and blue lights flashing and di di di alarm) Possible causes, 1. Not installed the door position, hindered the lock tongue to lock the door, not completely locked in place, in a state of false lock 2. Still alarm lock tongue in place, to travel switch problem, please contact the manufacturer) Solution, install the door again, dispatch location accurate sauna lock card illegal ( Phenomenon: card point card twice for noise and flash a red light) Solution: the lock off, press the reset button to switch after the lock body, deserve to go up card sauna lock guest card failure ( Phenomenon: the guest card point card twice for noise and flash a red light) Possible causes, 1. The guest card information is missing, 2. Software licensing unsuccessful) The solution, 1. Use the card to match the guest card 2. Reauthorization hand by the software, and then to the cupboard door locks to reconfigure the guests hand, note: when the authorization to study period and the period of validity) Sauna lock attendant hand failure ( Phenomenon: waiter point card illegal) Possible causes, The waiter hand information not learn inside the lock) The solution, 1. Use the software to reauthorize the waiter hand, 2. If use 1 method is still illegal, use card to do a delete service card hand, click delete three noise from the card, then click the waiter card) Other card limitation to the above solution. Sauna lock can't open the door, Phenomenon: using the card can't open the door, no sound or lock body can hear the sound of the lock body motor normal rotation) Solution to pry open cupboard door, remove lock body returned to the factory. Sauna lock point card no reaction may cause, 1. Batteries, 2. Battery loose) The solution, Use of standby power, point card open) Sauna lock open is not effective, Phenomenon: the guest card point card only let out a di sound, flash a red light) The solution: 1. Try to use the software to open card 2. Using software to reauthorize the guest card, attention to learning period to the period of validity, if not rule in card to match the guests hand) Don't read (sauna lock software Phenomenon: the guest card point card on card reader, no response) Possible reasons: 1. Not registered within the software, inactive 2. Card failure) The solution: Contact with software after-sales, contact the lock factory) Sauna lock voltage alarm, Phenomenon: after point card to open the door, there are three sound di di di) Solution: replace the battery in this paper, from the intelligent technology co. , LTD. :
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