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by:Level      2020-07-28
Recently, some say, brush good fingerprint it dangerous, one thousand were thieves copy fingerprint to, is it not easy to open my fingerprint lock! ! ! Return true have copied fingerprints that! Copy fingerprints, however, is not so easy, now there are two kinds of cloned fake fingerprints, one is flat, is a kind of silicone mold. Plane of the false fingerprints is such: silica gel fingerprint film is this: the fingerprint is how to copy out? First, you need to wash clean, do need your a fake fingerprint texture clear fingerprint. Attached to the carrier, then fingerprint replication is generally flat fingerprint need to sprinkle with colored powder to make it appear, fingerprint membrane method is the need to actually print a fingerprint on wax oil, then the silicone injection, after solidification. Step seems very simple. However, texture clear fingerprint where to find? In the drink drink cup? Or smart phone, the above is all fingerprints! Or you don't want to! If the fingerprinted so easy, when the input fingerprint clicking on whether can? Uncle police case when using high-tech equipment, the average person will have the equipment has to copy the fingerprint? Most of the daily life to the fingerprints are clear enough. Fingerprint is a technology! ( The new acquisition of fingerprint image and sample fingerprint image comparison, as part of the alignment can be considered to be the same fingerprint to remove the influence of noise, deformation, color, etc, SIFT algorithm, etc. ) Difficult! Difficult! Difficult!
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