Core competence is a key fingerprint combination lock enterprise development can not be ignored | |

by:Level      2020-07-26
Fingerprint combination lock the standardization of the enterprise management is also basic competitive power management, but a lot of fingerprint combination lock enterprise have & other; Both low & high throughout; Poor phenomenon, basic management, management of chaos makes enterprise's cost is high, and the core competitive power are also quietly down. This is concern by many companies. Why fingerprint combination lock companies to build core competitiveness? The so-called core competitiveness is compared. Compared with peers, can solve the industry a good enterprise cannot solve the problem, is the core competitiveness. For mastery of the core competitiveness of enterprises, it is no longer follow the market, but market, going with me, enterprises become the leader of the market. At present, some enterprises fingerprint combination lock industry to some extent, such as the scale of production, brand influence, equipment capacity, environmental capacity, channel control aspect, obtained the certain market dominance, but compared with the real core competitiveness standard, and lacking. And this is the fingerprint combination lock enterprise needs to continue to strengthen and improve the top priority.
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