Eight big functions, intelligent electronic lock your experience?

by:Level      2020-07-06
Abstract: the intelligent lock, should be 2015 new market demand, the opening of new production lines, launch many new products. Include fashion, classic, luxury generous contracted style, is the industry product category complete intelligent lock enterprise. Since the launch of new products, has been praised by the love of consumers. Here, the main is to show enterprise product the concept of 'perfect'. In the production of every a fingerprint lock, the enterprises strictly control, to meet the needs of different regions, different categories of consumers, this article will count smart locks eight major bright spot, decrypt how to become the darling of the market: function: with 5 kinds of way to open the door, 'fingerprint + + password + + mechanical induction card key remote control ( Custom) ”; Function 2: industry 'interference code' feature, smart peep 'password protection function', additive interference before and after the code; Dual authentication mode, open the door to two certification, inspection, fingerprint + password + induction card, two input validation can be open, greatly increases the security of the lock. Features three: using 5 a-class diamond capacitance screen, real voice, using the KDS touch technology, operating more sensitive, more accurate, more beautiful appearance, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-static. Four functions: TI high-performance processing chip, ultra low power, high speed operation; Equipped with imported high-performance motor, open the door more smooth, stable performance is greatly improved. Advanced features five: fingerprint head protection cover design, ensure the security of the fingerprint area, avoid the fingerprint head rapidly aging, make the product life is longer, fingerprint identification is more efficient. Features 6: military level of free type handle; Effective protection lock body internal mechanical parts, are not destroyed by violence. Persistent features seven: double system power supply, electricity, long life, 10 seconds without operation automatic dormancy. Features eight: emergency power interface, under the low battery remind, not replace the battery in time, available emergency start 9 v square battery, do not need to distinguish between positive and negative polarity. Note: ( Replace the old trademark 'huaneng fingerprint lock' to 'the fingerprint lock' brand, ( Jiangmen) Intelligent technology co. , LTD is a Hong Kong group affiliated enterprises, is one of the smart door lock manufacturers in China, a high and new technology enterprise, production is based in the pearl river delta of guangdong province of China's first overseas Chinese hometown in jiangmen smart door lock was born here. Welcome the masses of friends search 'fingerprint lock/' get more news and information)
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