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by:Level      2020-07-29
Electronic combination lock and the traditional mechanical lock which good? To the point of the development of family locks, electronic combination lock is a development of the traditional mechanical lock. Electronic combination lock is a password or to control circuit, so as to control mechanical switches closed, lock, lock task of electronic products. And electronic combination lock's advantage lies in the following 1. The secrecy good, the coding capacity is much, much greater than night lock. Random unlock the success rate is almost zero. 2. Password is variable, the user can often change password, to prevent password theft, but also can avoid because of staff turnover and make the lock is classified by 3. Error input protection. When the input password many errors, alarm system automatically start. This device not only can be used on the door, and so on, can also be used to the safe need high anti-theft devices. Application scenarios in the family, independent research and development of electronic combination lock NC - 21, both password + + card key function, instead of the traditional button button, acrylic panel in alternative, prevent button password loss, as a result of wear and tear; Humanized card open function is suitable for the elderly, to avoid the old dozen don't open the door as the forgot password; Will inevitably be electronic product failure or forget to replace the battery, the design of the hidden key lock function and emergency power supply socket, avoids the clink of trouble, use anti-theft lock core is impeccable.
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