Electronic lock how to choose

by:Level      2020-08-07
With the progress of science and technology of contemporary society, the choice of electronic lock with the more and more, have IC locks, such as radio frequency induction lock, TM lock, etc. , but most of the hotels in domestic application or IC locks, choose IC lock there are two main reasons: the first IC lock technology development for many years, technology is relatively mature, so has certain advantage in price, the price is often not too high, are generally relatively low. Second, IC lock was once the king of the stage in history, because technically than ever made a technical revolution in electronic, solved many problems, but also of our country's economic take-off stage, all basic plenty of hotels are using IC lock until now, but now new hotels are usually not to use IC card lock, because of the emergence of the radio frequency induction technology has changed the concept of contact. Radio frequency induction technology is through the induction can read the open information, greatly facilitate the other related technical innovation, now we contact is easily transit stored-value CARDS and our new generation id card is radio frequency induction technology products, in the hotel side, induction of general design is locked, do not need to want to IC locks to be a slot to read the card, as long as in the induction zone can read ( Many people have tried to stay in a hotel when you use the IC card to open the door to insert a few times more, don't know how to read the card inserted in the success, because each card of the hotel operation has its own definition, it is better to find the waiter) , and speed, guests can also determine whether success. Induction lock is different, because is the induction of touch type, basic will not damage the lock itself, because the card read and induction card will not be damaged by exposure to read card, induction card as long as it doesn't break or violence is damaged, basic it is can be used for a long time. Hotel choose electronic lock fully understanding of the market, understand the performance and characteristics of electronic lock in the choice and the manufacturer cooperation, a lot of induction lock manufacturers now, should choose from the product to choose, intelligent products to meet customer demand, intelligent lock is a development from the technology manufacturers, with independent research and development of the electronic lock will fully understand product and technology, in the event of a problem when also can quickly find the problem and the solution to solve the problem. ​
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