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by:Level      2020-07-29
Electronic door lock site you also not to be missed in the search for new, practical style, cost-effective electronic door locks and worry? Keep the change, to guangdong, can satisfy your demanding requirements. Now, popular electronic door lock was xi 'an changqing oilfield comprehensive purchasing office. Want to solve the trouble of this purchasing electronic door lock, immediately contact the customer service ~! Never leave home, you can just buy a bar of xi 'an electronic locks don't have to run, in the full market don't have a phone search. Xian, through the network looking for professional electronic door locks, electronic door lock manufacturers, all in. Dozens of provinces and national news case of customer calls, efforts to become a person moving forward. What are you waiting for? Office to add further security and convenient for you, choose it at once! Office electronic door lock in the xi 'an office door lock mechanical properties, the lock tongue operating life as much as 1 million times more. If the door 20 times a day, the theoretical calculation can be normal operation more than 130 years, much higher than the level of domestic counterparts. Safe wiring, the first domestic adopts the method of embedded lock body protection trough, lock body all the important components and wiring, effective protection, to prevent improper installation or operation will be line and internal line switch is damaged.
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