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by:Level      2020-07-19
Enter a fingerprint door lock, and give people the convenience of life, don't worry about forgot to bring my keys! Reflect life grade, and high security, fingerprint technology is hard to be copied and model. Enter a fingerprint door lock is widely used at present, the domestic many famous real estate community collective adoption, and use effect is very good. Weakness is more expensive than ordinary locks. Ordinary families don't have to install a door to the fingerprint lock, it mainly depends on families. If you think you have the ability to protect their own property and privacy, even if you open the door can at any time. Of course such a superman estimates, so now you most with the mechanical lock. Why do we put a mechanical lock door without loading fingerprint lock. Now a main reason is that a door fingerprint lock price relative to the mechanical lock, of course, if you loaded with gold, that also and enter a fingerprint door lock is almost the same price. Door fingerprint lock the main point is that safe, convenient, on the world most door lock fingerprint recognition rate is pretty good, and we will not be put our fingers forget to take it. Enter a fingerprint door lock is more security than mechanical lock design, some people say that fear of fingerprint quilt cover mould, the problem is you die also want to go ah. Now a lot of the door of fingerprint lock are temperature sensitive, fake finger can open the door. Enter a fingerprint door lock high-end family favorite reasons and advantages of hardware facilities inseparable! Know door hardware fingerprint locks have what advantage? 1. Convenient installation: the battery box, integrated circuit boards and other unique exquisite design, let the engineer to install the door just open a small hole in the door when they can complete the installation of the lock and fixed, accelerates the pace of construction, so as to reduce the installation cost. 2. Use adapter: low power motor components, energy saving province electricity; Circuit board low power consumption, less electricity; Precise structure, rapid induction; To prevent violent open; Luxurious panel, attractive and durable. 3. Simple maintenance: integrated circuit board; Loading and unloading of simple maintenance is convenient; Mechanical spare keys, to ensure foolproof. Fears that a door fingerprint lock and an important question, is without power to do, the general door fingerprint lock using 4 to 8 batteries, also have lithium batteries, normal use can have more than 200 days of electricity; Besides, regular door fingerprint lock the provisions of the state of emergency power supply must have a hole. Think home has the old man and the child into the fingerprint lock door will open the door, please remember the fingerprint since the childhood are consistent. Often labor people, of course, the fingerprint will be fuzzy, but 90% of manufacturers are on the market for this kind of situation, a password keyboard and charge function.
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