Equipped with hotel smart door lock what is the purpose of _ hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-07

traditional hotel with a large number of guest rooms, each guest room door lock need to be equipped with many sets of keys, a large number of the key not only brings bigger difficulties to the management of the hotel, but also often there will be a key stolen caused property damage problem of hotel guests. So in recent years many large hotels are beginning to solve the problems of the hotel door lock upgrade, and hotel smart door lock is many hotels to choose the solution. So for willing to spend a lot of money to upgrade locks hotel what is the purpose of using hotel smart door lock?

the purpose of a, simple management at present many large hotel chains are actively deployment is well-established hotel smart door lock, this is mainly because the hotel guest room usually are numerous, and in order to save costs tend to be at the front desk equipped with insufficient management personnel, in the management of the hotel door key problem of prone to defects, and the hotel smart door lock without using keys to open the lock, even smart door card lost can also through the higher authority card to unlock, has the advantages of simpler and more flexible in management.

the purpose of 2, easy to use as many guests often use the hotel service, modern society has been accustomed to use convenient hotel smart door locks, so for some have not been equipped with hotel smart door lock system, in order to meet the objectives of the guest easy to use, also not hesitate heavy gold to upgrade the hotel hotel smart door locks, to meet customer demand for locks using dictionaries. The purpose of the three, maintenance easy

domestic well-known hotel smart door lock ‍ at present mainly in the form of magnetic card lock is given priority to, now also have a small amount of use the fingerprint management of the hotel intelligence door lock, these two kinds of hotel smart door lock, from the Angle of maintenance are compared with the traditional door lock is more relaxed. CiKaShi smart door lock can be high authority card to open any hotel door, whereas the fingerprint lock in each guest room door lock input fingerprint by management, in the later maintenance is very easy and simple.

hotel smart door lock is now a lot of the hotel chain's standard, can help the hotel to achieve a lot of management purposes. Hotel smart door lock not only in the unlock tool management easier, at the same time the use of simple locks will also be able to meet the demand of the customer's dictionaries, moreover smart door lock in later maintenance management can achieve the goal of hotel easily.

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