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by:Level      2020-07-30
Early in the morning rush to go out, evening came home only to find that didn't take the key rejected, out in a rash. These troubles in everyday life, believe that many people have experience greatly. However, with the development of science and technology, this is not the matter, you don't need to worry. As intelligent high-tech products, fingerprint lock is one of the representatives of the smart home, is also one of the modern intelligent life pursues. Fingerprint lock has slowly popularity in recent years, the fact of used people say very convenient, very useful. Easily go out, to get rid of forgot to take my keys. In fact, there are the intelligent fingerprint lock, you don't need to take the key out of the door, is so capricious. Fingerprint lock is really safe? Many people worry about the safety hidden danger of fingerprints have been copied the thief, actually otherwise. We have nearly 20 years precipitation technology of domestic fingerprint lock first-line brand as an example to illustrate. Fingerprint lock adopts advanced fingerprint sensor living creature, simply put, is living fingerprint identification technology. It is different from the ordinary optical fingerprint sensor, due to the biological character of the fingerprint, large extent avoid the chances of the copy. That is to say, your fingerprint lock can only open your fingers. Film in the glass copy old terrier fingerprint in modern biological recognition technology and the presence of the new fingerprint recognition algorithm, is a joke. Fingerprint lock is often stuck? Is electronic product, crash jammed nature becomes a problem concerned by many people. Loosely-speaking, fingerprint lock brands on the market at present is various, there is no lack of some malicious competition are normal manufacturer, in order to reduce the product cost caused by quality problems, this is & other; A penny a points goods & other; 。 However, for those who pay attention to the brand reputation of the brand, its products are reliable, quality natural, no doubt. Spirit from high-grade, seiko spy every lock, regardless of its r&d team from software, fingerprint identification algorithm and hardware structure design and material selection, drive motor control and system anti-interference design, the new technology of information security, etc. , has its core competitiveness and patent technology, fully guarantee the stability and reliability of the products. Fingerprint lock, not only are the industry leading product technology and process, according to the experience of the door lock, the history of development of industry, more high demand, combined with Chinese household environment breakthrough products every function characteristics, are closely linked with the increasingly demand of intelligent life and fit, always walk in the forefront of intelligent security, fashion, digital development. Convenience of fingerprint lock in anyone not to open the door and any time. Whether you forgot to take my keys, or suffer from both hands full items can't open the door, or in the evening where is the key to get drunk to don't remember with fingerprint lock can avoid the embarrassing situation. What hesitating, to get your locks changed! ! ! !
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