Guardian family security, starting from the intelligent door locks

by:Level      2020-07-18
As intelligent products constantly poured into our life, we are constantly improve, the quality of life of the traditional mechanical locks have been gradually cannot satisfy the needs of people's lives, smart door locks, can well meet the demand of modern life rhythm and, at the same time also is better than the traditional mechanical locks on security. From the lock, intelligent locks than the traditional mechanical locks, lock to is better, smart door locks generally USES the C level, anti-theft lock core has good effect on preventing technical opening, in a short period of time, the thief thief through technologies such as open to open the lock. On the function of the intelligent door locks, along with a variety of alarm function. Meet code trial and error, violence, etc. , will have the alarm, let property security or neighbors heard, scared away the thief thief, at the same time, through binding mobile phone receives the warning, timely response, reduce or lower home security risks.
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