Guest between what I control system with the hotel each department - Hotel intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-09

the more senior hotel, its management work is the more big, many hotels have been used in recent years popular guest control system to provide the comfortable humanized management, no matter how large the hotel scale, still can maintain efficient operation management work, by the hospitality industry's consistent high praise. Further, the guest how control system through associated with hotel departments to achieve the management effect? Here is the answer:

a, associated with the hotel guest room system

for residents, housing is undoubtedly the most important basis for judging the hotel experience, therefore, guest room system's control system with a hotel management of the key factors. From the guests into the room card electricity to light up the lamps and lanterns, set at room temperature, adjust the sleep environment and other intelligent mode, control system can do it step by step and provide effective remote control room.

2, associated with the central air conditioning system of

regardless of the winter solstice, late summer, high requirements of the guest to the temperature constant, in order to adapt to the temperature control of avs diversification demand, guest control system also keep close contact with the central air conditioning systems, cooling, warm, room temperature real-time control, create all kinds of temperature are beneficial to the residents living environment.

3, associated with the hotel network

in the network developed the present society, no matter the youngest is inseparable from the dependence on network devices, even travel also need high speed network support. To this, the guest room and the network control system to keep the system real-time, guarantee every room has a stable, high-speed wireless network, make travel no longer lonely.

4, associated with hotel management software

in order to guarantee the smooth progress of room service, information about hotel room status display, hotel service, hotel equipment alarm, remote inspection and check-out remind information comes from hotel guest control system of the whole data center management software system, the monitoring center together.

this is the hotel each department and the associated control system of is introduced, through the above content residents also understand can experience comfortable housing experience the biggest contributor to due to high control system of intelligent management. Honesty and quick guest is the starting point of control system is also serve the public, for the customer to go out, when find a temporary place can still enjoy the convenient and comfortable home, remove the discomfort brought by the unfamiliar place.

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