Guest control system installation and debugging method Guest room control system manufacturer

by:Level      2020-08-13

the guest control system is a kind of hotel rooms of the overall management and control system, control system of professional guest need professional operation personnel to complete the installation, use the correct installation method can guarantee controllable system quickly enter the working state and effective auxiliary staff in hotel management, so the guest control system installation and debugging method of what kind of?

the first step, need to host guest control system inside the wire and the wire to each equipment, mainly include the switch panel, door sensor, the doorbell and sign at the gate of signal lines, according to the wiring diagram can be properly connected, plug in the ac adapter after electrify again after debugging, the switch panel, magnetic door, the door bell and door signs to work normally.

the second step, the use of the each guest room room number into the room to write into the guest host on the inside control system, corresponding at floor switches use notebook computer to connect each guest host control system, control system will each guest host's IP address changes in specify IP address within the segment for the hotel, ensure that every guest room guest host control system can be connected, in the hotel after the programming to each guest need the function of the control system in the host.

the third step, in the service control room need to separate a common configuration of computer control system of the server as a guest, according to the guest of the control system software using the instructions in the computer to install the necessary control server and the client database and guest, the host computer and connected control system of floor switches connected to debug the software. Then will need to install the guest control system of PC to install the control end of the control system, after can undertake the necessary training for hotel staff to master the correct method of use.

after the completion of the installation and debugging of the most reliable guest control system can run for a period of time, ensure that every guest room in the guest within the scope of control system of control, professional sales long guest control system which can provide professional installation and debugging services and after-sales service, found that the guest must contact control system problems after dealing with related problems.

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