Guest room control system USES mainly reflected in what respect _ room control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

for guests to provide efficient, perfect, high quality of the humanized service has always been the focus of hotel development, including guest room control system is to satisfy consumers a kind of effective way of increasing consumer demand. In recent years, upscale hotels come to realize that construction of humanity, informationization, intellectualized, the necessity and importance of green energy-saving and efficient management. And has become a main trend of the construction of the hotel rooms. The following mainly talk about the guest room control system USES reflected in which aspects.

1, air conditioning equipment control room control system directly controlled air conditioning fan and electromagnetic valve; System initialization state (the room air conditioning is run Wind speed and direction) ; If a guest in the room, air conditioning implement normal control, if not in the room air conditioning implement insulation control; The room is in a state of unoccupied, air conditioning in a state of energy saving. Guest room control system can effectively operation of the hotel air conditioning equipment.

2, lighting control room control device can effectively control room in the lighting system. After the guest open the guest room, the system will start to lamps and lanterns, in a certain time limit after confirm the insert 'take the electric card', control switch on for the corresponding to each switch panel control to manage the guest room all electric facilities. Guest room, TV socket, lamp socket in the bathroom bath bully all sorts of electric equipment such as electricity, then guest room lighting can also be through the corresponding switch control. The guest take card after leaving the room, guest room control system, take the initiative to turn off all can be controlled by the program.

3, multi-function doorbell control

room control system can effectively control room of the bell. Guest room door bell display for the guest has the function of the bell, do not disturb, visitor waiting, etc, to the attendant service instruction function, can make the waiter to please, no one room one, room, cleaning entrants identity information such as the be clear at a glance. The above information can be real-time transmission room service center at the same time, lay the foundation for hotel provides no interference services. Hotel rooms control system ranking in the calculation, this part will also consider.

in addition, guest room control system via a drop-down box select the database already in the room, click on the 'power' and 'off the power supply', 'open the water heater', 'close water heater' button, can realize remote control, corresponding to the room, including power supply room, water heater, etc. Enter the room number and IP address, click the '+' or '- 'Button, can be achieved by the add and remove control room. When choosing a hotel, guest room control system should choose which hotel a good public praise.

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