Guest room intelligent control system which function can use to ensure the safety of guest room? _ room intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-07

it is well known and trusted the guest room intelligent control system has the function of much more special, in fact, except for some very obvious practical function in the future promising ‍ room intelligent control system also has some are easy to be neglected, but has the greatly strengthened the function of security. The guest room intelligent control system which features can be utilized to ensure the safety of the guest room?

1, abnormal temperature alarm function, high quality perfect room intelligent control system equipped with a temperature sensor, thus able to make the corresponding prediction at the room temperature, when the room temperature exceeds a certain set of values, managers can through the network to show and view the room status in time and make a report to the police processing, the abnormal temperature alarm functions can be done more comprehensive fire prevention work, the more able to ensure the safety of the guest room, avoid fire hazards. 2,

one-stop smoke sensing function rooms equipped with smoke sensor, intelligent control system by the state of the smoke detector can sense of flue gas in the room. When the smoke detector in the hotel after the access to the warehouse management system, flue gas, and other similar fires occur if they can view from the monitor to immediately and report to the police, to better maintain the guest and the hotel's personal and property safety.

3, safe lock detection

in order to better ensure the security of the property of the customer, make the customers don't have some important thing left in a safe, so, when customers check out at the front desk of the hotel management personnel can through good service room intelligent control system to know whether the room safe lock, if noted in locked state guest there may be reserved items in the safe forgot to take, this time will remind the guests.

above all, ‍ room intelligent control system can make full use of abnormal temperature alarm, smoke sensing function and safe lock detection capabilities to better ensure the safety of the guest room and guest property security, therefore, it is because of these powerful room intelligent control system of many functions and is very practical, is pushing more hotel and customers for this system.

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