Guests can pass the guest room intelligent control system for room service? _ room intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-13

believe that most people have had the experience of hotel so must know after insert the room card room lights light up automatically, this is because the hotel room intelligent control system, the quality guaranteed room intelligent control system not only can use the guest room after using a variety of electric equipment, can also through the guest room control system to call room service. Take a look at below can use what kind of room service through the system.

1. Clean up the room

if the guest feel the room is messy room intelligent control system to call room service. When used as long as the press of a clean room switch, press the switch after cleaning room lights outside while lights up automatically shut down, according to the do not disturb signal through proprietary network upload to tidy the room guest room centre dedicated server, then there will be staff to clean up the room.

2. Do not disturb

room service in a fixed time every day people will come to do for the room clean, at this point, if the guest does not need to offer room service can press the do not disturb switch, guest room door do not disturb light will light up, the service of the signal through proprietary network to upload to the guest room intelligent control system of the server and the related staff after work on a computer display will not come to disturb.

3. SOS emergency call

when the guest in the room emergency events can be through the guest room intelligent control system for emergency calls, at this point, just press the emergency call switch, do not disturb service functions such as, cleaning the room, and please wait for a while will be failure, SOS signals will be to the system and to voice call the police, staff will immediately to deal with.

thus, hotels in the use of quality trustworthy room intelligent control system not only can let the hotel staff can know the state of each room, also can let a guest to get what you want service, can effectively improve the guests of the hotel experience, so that more satisfaction to the overall service in the hotel.

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