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How to check the installation of intelligent lock if it is qualified


Core tip: Intelligent lock is familiar as well as unfamiliar product for everyone, and it is being used wider and wider. The installation procedure of intelligent lock is not complicated but not easy as well. It   is usually proceed under the help of qualified installation person. How to test the intelligent lock if qualified installation in the shortest time? Let me talk with you about this topic.

The way of how to check the installation of intelligent lock is   qualified or not:

1. Check the installation for the lock is strong or not, and give it a shake to see if it is still firmly fixed.

2. Check the double-lock / deadbolt function and lock the door, and see if they are smoothly operated .

3. Check the battery of the lock is new or not , and whether the lock is assembled with the batteries, open the door using card / password / fingerprints to check the battery.

4. Check the door lock if it has an alarm for notification when the door is left unlocked or the latches are pressed.

5. Figure out how to set the key card / password / fingerprints, which is convenient for daily using.

6. Reset the door lock system and key card after installation by technician.

7. When technician was at site, test all the opening ways, make sure all these methods could be used to open the door.

8. Finally, check the quantity of mechanical keys are completed or not.

These are introductions of test methods for the installation of intelligent lock ,and here especially remind that, don’t forget to check all the opening ways in order to find the most suitable way for you after installation.

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